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The Latin American Health Institute began to offer services in the Brockton area in 1997. Current programming includes, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, family based interventions for individuals involved with the Department of Social Services and peer-based recovery support services. Some of these services are also offered at community sites in Southeastern Massachusetts including New Bedford, Fall River and Taunton. The establishment of LHI-Brockton addressed the need for culturally competent public health and social services for the growing Latin American population in the city.

LHI Counseling Center

The LHI Brockton Counseling Center provides services to all residents in the Greater Brockton Area.  We offer family, couples, individual and group mental health, substance abuse and individual sessions. We also provide substance abuse group and individual sessions and Driver Alcohol Education (DAE) groups in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. Psychopharmacological services provided in English and Spanish by an Ault Psychiatrist. Clinicians and counselors are trained in trauma treatment and integrated dual diagnosis counseling. We accept Mass Health and other insurance as well. 

Services are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole.

Community Support Program

Our CSP services provide community-based, care coordination to individuals in need of support to engage in medical or behavioral health services and prevent hospitalization.

“Proyecto Tranquilidad” Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

Offers comprehensive outreach, case management  and integrated dual diagnosis counseling to adults at risk of HIV or living with HIV primarily from the Latino, Cape Verdean, and African American and Portuguese communities. This program uses several evidence-based models including Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT) and Seeking Safety.

Please call Sarah Davenport, Intake Coordinator at

(508) 941-0005 extension 231 to make an appointment for intake session or to find out more about our services

Our Other Programs Include:

Children’s Behavioral Health Services and Mi Familia Family Stabilization and Support Services

Indira Andrade, Associate Director

In-Home Therapy: The In-Home Therapy Team provides structured, strength-based therapeutic relationship with a child or youth to support the stability, reduce hospitalization and improve the family’s capacity to provide effective support to the child or youth. Must meet eligibility requirements. Service is for individuals under 21 years of age and primarily from the Latino and Cape Verdean communities in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Therapeutic Mentoring: Offers structured, strength-based, one-to-one support services to address daily living, social and communication needs. A Mentor provides support, coaching and connects youth to community resources. Must meet eligibility requirements. Service is for individuals under 21 years of age and primarily from the Latino and Cape Verdean communities in Southeastern Massachusetts.

*Home-based Teams are trained in Trauma Systems Therapy.*

“Mi Familia” Family-Based Interventions

The “Mi Familia” Program offers bilingual/bicultural therapeutic services (in Spanish and English) to Latin American families involved with the Department of Social Services. The program's main goal is either to stabilize the family situation to prevent out-of-home placement by intervening with the family (stabilization), or to enhance the family's capacity to receive a child following an out-of-home placement (reunification). The program provides parenting education and assist families to identify community resources and maneuver the complex social services systems.

Stairway to Recovery

Efrain Baez, Director 508 436 6123

Peer to Peer Recovery Support: Peer Engagement center gives those in recovery the support and access to the tools to enhance a life free from alcohol & other drugs. A Safe environment where peers can come together and develop new skills, explore life opportunities, give back to the community, participate in recovery focused groups, recovery oriented social activities, explore work and educational opportunities and participate in many other great peer-based supports.

LHI’s Stairway to Recovery Center is open to individuals in all phases of recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse, including those who have not yet consistently engaged in recovery, individuals who have relapsed, individuals in Methadone programs, and individuals in recovery for many years. The Center also includes activities that engage family members. The Recovery Center is open to all people in recovery and is a diverse and welcoming place. We value every road to recovery.